Senior Developer – Tech Lead Java / Node.js

The role :

  • Together with our architects team you will make the right technology choices and accompany your developer mates in refactoring and then maintaining one of our most critical microservices.
  • You will analyze the User Stories in close cooperation within the product owner, then determine the best way to implement the requested features.
  • You will develop parts of the code (the more challenging ones 🙂
  • You’ll manage your day-to-day work in SPRINTs in the analysis, build, delivery and run of the application in scope.
  • You’ll be coaching some applications squad on how to apply the technology you built (OAuth2.0, REST API calls, Kinesis event bus…).
  • You will contribute to select, use and patch the relevant AWS services.
  • You’ll manage / build the test collections attached to the code produced.
  • And you’ll stay permanently focused on the robustness and sustainability of these applications.

We suggest you bring a minimum of 5 to 7 years of experience in development, and a strong expertise in :

  • Java, Spring, Node JS
  • AWS (mainly Lambda, EC2)
  • Git / Gitlab CI/CD
  • OAuth 2.0, Docker
  • Microservices architecture and development
  • We’d also love to see if you have additional skills in technologies like Kinesis or Kafka, Angular or REACT.
  • Finally, since we’re a multinational and diverse team, you should speak English and French.

Feel free to reach us for more details or if you have any questions.


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